March 31, 2020

Church Family,

These past two weeks have been different for all of us in all the different areas of our lives… in business life, school life, community life, and church life. Our desire, and your desire, is for life to get back to normal. We were hoping to get back to a normal church schedule at beginning of April. However, that will not be the case.

As you are aware, this week Canyon and Amarillo has updated its Coronavirus (COVID-19) Level to Red. In part, this calls for the cancellation of all mass gatherings. In addition, the mayor of Canyon has issued stay at home guidelines that went into effect March 31, 2020, and will be in place at least through April 13, 2020. As residents of Canyon we are asked to stay at home except for outings essential to their own health, safety, and welfare and that of their family members.

Our desire is to balance both ministry and safety for our church family. Our intent is not to react in fear, but to act in wisdom. Therefore, for the sake of the safety of our church family, and the good of our community, we have decided to CONTINUE the suspension of all church services and activities through April 17.

Lord willing, the suspension of our services and activities will be short lived. We will evaluate this change of schedule on Monday, April 13, to determine if we need to continue the suspended schedule or if we are able to resume our normal schedule. This decision will be communicated to the church by April 17.

We will continue to minister to our church family over these next several weeks as we have over the past couple of weeks.

  • A video of our worship service available on Sunday mornings
  • Access to digital resources to help facilitate discipleship
  • Tithes and offerings may be given online via the website or mailed to the church
  • Church office will remain open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

As a church we want to care for those in our faith family who may be more impacted during this time. This would include groceries, supplies, and financial help. If you or someone you know in our church family has a need, please let one of us at the church know.

We give thanks to God for how you, the faith family of FBC, have responded during this difficult time. You have been flexible with your schedule. You have been supportive of the staff. You have been faithful in your giving. You have been loving in your service to others. In short, you have displayed the gospel of Jesus through joyful community, joyful character, and joyful conversations. May our Lord continue to bring glory to himself in and through our church.

Your fellow servants of Christ,
The FBC Ministerial Staff

Steven Olsen –
Senior Pastor

Gary Solomon –
Music & Children Minisry

Drew Taylor –
Local & Global Discipleship

Brendon Scoggin –
Student Ministry

Jill Jackson –
Preschool Ministry

Deanna Sheets –
Counseling Ministry