Adult Discipleship

We offer a variety of Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, and Equip Classes throughout the year.  We have a three-fold purpose for our adult ministries:

  • Intentional discipleship through the Word of God
  • Gospel-centered fellowship with other believers
  • Building up  believers through the local church

We believe it is important to be involved in a small group Bible Study to help you grow in your knowledge of God and be in community with other believers. We hope you will join us.


Bible Studies and Equip Classes (May to August 2021)


Sunday School Classes

Explore the Bible – Romans (Room 11)

Explore the Bible – Luke (Women) (Room 13)

Lifeway’s Masterwork Series (Women) (Room 13)

Explore the Bible – Luke (Room 21)

Characters of the Bible – Patriarchs (Room 22)

Lifeway’s Masterwork Series (Room 201)

Lifeway’s Masterwork Series (Room 204)


Equip Classes

Bible Study through 1 and 2 Samuel (Room 202)

Teachers: Jim Childers, Brett Thomas, Brad Swygard

This class will be studying the last several chapters of 1 Samuel and then the book of 2 Samuel, when David was king over Israel.


Missions and Local Evangelism (Room B6)

Teachers: Drew Taylor and Brandon C.

This class will be studying the call to make disciples of all nations, which includes going to the ends of the earth and evangelism in Canyon. We will study the goal and necessity of missions, how every Christian has a role in missions, and our church’s strategy for engaging our neighbors and the nations.


Systematic Theology (Beliefs of the Christian Faith) (Room 37)

Teachers: JB Boren, Brad Swygard, Matt Jackson, Joel Wright

This class will be studying the nature and character of God and the Scriptures. It will include such topics as the existence of God, the nature of the Trinity, the attributes of God, the providence of God, and the authority, sufficiency, necessity, clarity, and inerrancy of Scripture. This is not a seminary class, but rather a class to build our understanding of basic beliefs in the Christian faith and practical implications of those beliefs.