Sunday School


Sunday School 9:15am-10:15am

Adult Classes

Single Adults: (Singles House)  This class meets at the Singles House located at 1712 2nd Avenue.       Leaders: DeAnna Sheets, Debbie Sommerfeld, Loy McSpadden.

Young Adults 1 (Young Families):  Room 23                                                                                                      Leaders: Mark & Joi Lunsford, Mike & Janna Wartes, Gwen Hicks, Mike & Paula Bressler.

Young Adults 2 (Sustenance):  Room 205                                                                                                               Leaders: John & Audra Fruge

Young Adults 3 (Living Grace):  Room 25                                                                                                             Leaders: JB & Jennifer Boren, Mellisa Kimbrough

Median Adults 1 (Limitless):  Room 203                                                                                                             Leaders: Jane Dougherty, Greg Lehnick

Median Adults 2 (Voices in the Desert):   Room 201                                                                                          Leaders:  Jim & Marilyn Childers, Jesse Salazar, Brett Thomas, Cody Upshaw

Median Adults 3 (Life 101):  Room 24                                                                                                                    Leaders:  Mike & Kathie Jackson

Second Half Classes

Boomers 1 (Seekers):   Room 202                                                                                                                        Leaders: Jed Welch, Skip Huskey, Carolyn Taylor, Bill Townsend

Boomers 2 (Joint Heirs):  Room 204                                                                                                                    Leaders:  Jim & Linda Schrib, Vince & Dona Wirt, Dan Hall, Bill & Liz Briscoe

Senior Adult 1 (Close Walk):  Room 13                                                                                                               Leaders:  Rosey Sommerfeld, Lynda Flowers

Senior Adult 2 (Soaring Spirits):  Room 13                                                                                                          Leaders:  Glenda Wilkerson

Senior Adult 3 (Bible Searchers):  Room 22                                                                                                           Leaders: Lanita Tidmore, Marion Marrs, Joan Van Doren

Senior Adult 4 (Joyful Servants):  Room 11                                                                                                        Leaders:  Darlene Hollabaugh, Ronnie Waide, Edith Kimbrough, Bob Simpson, Nelda Rogers

Senior Adult 5 (Faithful):  Room 21                                                                                                                        Leaders:  Charles Banks, George & Carolyn Hamontree, Martha Sheets, Dori Wimberley, Jack Rogers