Any person may offer himself/herself as a candidate for membership in the Church. To qualify for membership in the Church, a person must be a believer in Jesus Christ, who has been baptized by immersion (unless physically unable), subsequent to, and as a non-essential to salvation, and who whole-heartedly believes in the Christian faith as revealed in the Scripture. Each member must agree to submit to the teaching of Scripture as expressed in the Articles of Faith and must promise to keep the commitments expressed in the Church Covenant.

We offer new member classes throughout year for those who want to join the church and for those who just want more information about the church. Contact the church office or go to our calendar to find up coming new member classes.

If you are interested in joining FBC Canyon, you may come forward to the pastor during an invitation at the end of a service, or contact the church office.

Here’s a copy of our new member’s guide. ¬†Feel free to take a look at it.

New Member Book 2015

Sign Up for the New Members Class