IMPACT is a 3-day student conference focused on spiritual growth for students in 7th-12th grade.

During the weekend students will stay in homes throughout the community and gather for teaching, worship, and small groups.  They will eat together, play together, and grow together as brothers and sisters in Christ.  The cost of the event is $65 per student.  There is a discount available for multiple students in the same family. If you have any questions, please contact Brendon Scoggin at

IMPACT 2018 February 2-4

2018 Theme: Awaken

Do you ever hit the snooze button in the morning? Your phone alarm goes off and you look over at the glaring light with squinting eyes, fumble your fingers across the screen, and eventually have success at swiping the noise out of the room as you fade back into your dreams. It is peace for a moment…until you jump awake, glance at the clock, and realize you are late for school, work, practice, or whatever other morning activity you had scheduled. 


It is so easy to get sleepy in our faith. We hear the call to get up, to get busy, to commit every ounce of our being to the glory of Jesus Christ and His kingdom, but we hit the snooze button. We sink into our spiritual beds, lazy, disinterested, uncommitted, selfish. When will we AWAKEN? Will we jump out of bed after hitting the snooze one too many times only to find ourselves before the throne God, having missed it? Or will we hear the call, wake up, and live our lives for the glory of our great savior, Jesus Christ? 


AWAKEN is a conference calling us to WAKE UP. Jesus is too good, too powerful, too loving, too gracious, too amazing, and too glorious to hit the snooze on. He is worthy of our attention, of our devotion, of our entire lives. This is a call to wake up. Hear the alarm. Rise. AWAKEN.

Guest Leaders

Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley

Impact Conference Speaker

Michael Kelley lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and three children where he works as the Director of Discipleship at Lifeway Christian Resources. He is an established speaker, traveling around the country to preach at various churches, camps, and conferences. Michael is also an author, having published three books including Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal, Boring, and Transformational Discipleship. You can follow him on his blog at