IMPACT is a 3-day student conference focused on spiritual growth for students in 7th-12th grade.

During the weekend students will stay in homes throughout the community and gather for teaching, worship, and small groups.  They will eat together, play together, and grow together as brothers and sisters in Christ.  The cost of the event is $65 per student.  There is a discount available for multiple students in the same family. If you have any questions, please contact Brendon Scoggin at

IMPACT 2018 February 2-4

2018 Theme: Awaken

Do you ever hit the snooze button in the morning? Your phone alarm goes off and you look over at the glaring light with squinting eyes, fumble your fingers across the screen, and eventually have success at swiping the noise out of the room as you fade back into your dreams. It is peace for a moment…until you jump awake, glance at the clock, and realize you are late for school, work, practice, or whatever other morning activity you had scheduled. 


It is so easy to get sleepy in our faith. We hear the call to get up, to get busy, to commit every ounce of our being to the glory of Jesus Christ and His kingdom, but we hit the snooze button. We sink into our spiritual beds, lazy, disinterested, uncommitted, selfish. When will we AWAKEN? Will we jump out of bed after hitting the snooze one too many times only to find ourselves before the throne God, having missed it? Or will we hear the call, wake up, and live our lives for the glory of our great savior, Jesus Christ? 


AWAKEN is a conference calling us to WAKE UP. Jesus is too good, too powerful, too loving, too gracious, too amazing, and too glorious to hit the snooze on. He is worthy of our attention, of our devotion, of our entire lives. This is a call to wake up. Hear the alarm. AWAKEN.

Guest Leaders

Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley

Impact Conference Speaker

Michael Kelley lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and three children where he works as the Director of Groups Ministry at Lifeway Christian Resources. He is an established speaker, traveling around the country to preach at various churches, camps, and conferences. Michael is also an author, having published three books including Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal, Boring, and Transformational Discipleship. You can follow him on his blog at


Capitol Peak

Capitol Peak

Impact Conference Worship Band

Capitol Peak is made up of a group of worship leaders from Amarillo, TX. Steven Dolezal, Tyler Anderson, Tim Barnes, and Tanner Estes have lead worship at churches in Amarillo for the last decade and have a special passion for helping unite the local church in corporate worship. We are thrilled to be served by their leadership at IMPACT this year.

IMPACT Schedule


6:30pm–IMPACT Registration and Meet & Greet (Parents must be present to sign medical release form in front of notary)


6:30pm–Check-in at FBC Canyon Worship Center Foyer (Eat dinner before arrival)

7:30pm–Session 1

9:00pm–Depart for Host Homes

10:00pm–Small Group Time in Host Homes

Midnight–Lights Out


7:00am–Breakfast in Host Home

8:00am–Personal Devotion in Host Home

8:45am–Depart from Host Home to FBC Canyon Worship Center

9:30am–Session 2

11:00am–Breakout 1 (To the Ends of the Earth–Missions OR Biblical Sexuality–Gender and Same-Sex Attraction)

12:00pm–Lunch in the Cave

1:00pm–Breakout 2 (Social Media–Blessings and Curses OR Anxiety, Depression, and Hope)

2:00pm–Fun Activity in Ministry Center

4:30pm–Breakout 3 (Act Like Men–Guys Only Breakout OR Redeeming Identity–Girls Only Breakout)

6:00pm–Dinner in Ministry Center

7:00pm–Session 3

8:30pm–Depart for Host Homes

9:30pm–Small Group Time in Host Homes

11:00pm–Lights Out



7:30am–Personal Devotions in Host Homes

8:30am–Depart from Host Homes

9:00am–Breakfast in Ministry Center

10:30am–Session 4

12:00pm–Students Go Home!


To the Ends of the Earth--Angela Banks


Missions is not optional; it is essential. While there is a call for every believer to live on mission wherever God has placed them, there is also a call to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Every believer must participate in that calling, whether by going to the unreached corners of the world to proclaim the gospel where the name of Jesus has never been heard, or by supporting those who do, God’s people must be going and sending. In this breakout, Angela will establish the biblical basis for global missions and share stories from her own experience as a missionary in Africa to kindle the fire in our hearts for global missions.

Anxiety, Depression, and Hope--DeAnna Sheets


For as long as sin has been in the world, humans have grappled with anxiety and depression. Even some of the most prolific Christians in church history have had extended seasons of struggling with anxiety and depression, Charles Spurgeon being one of them. Anxiety and depression are not some far off emotions that we never deal with; they are close to us on a daily basis. We feel them when we worry about a big test coming up, or when we fail that test and fear for our future. We feel them when we are shamed in front of friends at school, or when we endlessly scroll through the seemingly perfect looking pictures of others on Instagram or Snapchat. But we are not left in our hopeless state. Jesus says, “Come to me all who are weary or heavy laden and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). We are told, “cast all of our cares upon Jesus, because he cares for us” (1 Pet. 5:7). Jesus cares for us personally, and that is our hope. In this breakout, DeAnna will point us to Jesus to help us better understand how he saves us from our anxiety and depression.


Social Media--Blessings and Curses--Brendon Scoggin


From Xanga (ancient), to MySpace (also ancient), to Facebook (mostly for old people, right?), to Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, the influence of social media only continues to grow. It has truly invaded every area of our lives, for better or for worse, and it certainly is not going away. Social media is a powerful tool, an instant connection to virtually anyone in the world. It can be used in a manner that is glorifying to God and focused on the advance of his kingdom. But conversely, it can be extraordinarily harmful. It can sap up all of our time, connect us enough to give the illusion of belonging while only leaving us deeply lonely, and trap us in an endless cycle of seeking another adrenaline rush from the buzzing of our phones indicating a “like” from our most recent post. How do we deal with all of this biblically? In this breakout, Brendon will highlight the blessings and the curses of social media, giving some biblical guidelines to help us engage it more faithfully.

Biblical Sexuality--Gender and Same-Sex Attraction--Matt Jackson

Let’s face it, the sexual revolution is at full force and is all around us. Who would have thought 10 years ago that it would be widely accepted that a person should have the right to be a male or female or whatever “else” they (since you can’t say he/she anymore) may choose? Who would have thought that same-sex marriage would be legal in all 50 states? Who would have thought that it would be considered hateful and intolerant to lovingly express a biblical view of gender and sexuality? Well, here we are, and it is not getting any better. Now more than any point in recent history, Christians must sharpen their understanding of gender and sexuality. What does the Bible have to say on these issues? How must we bring our minds into alignment with reality, which is God’s truth? In this breakout, Matt will develop a biblical understanding of gender and sexuality to equip us to think rightly in this increasingly wicked culture.

Act Like Men--Guys Only Mandatory Breakout--J.B. Boren

100 years ago the concept of a teenager did not exist. You were either a child, or you were a man. The modern adolescent is an invention of 20th century society. In a few senses, it is a good development. It allows young men and women to ease their way into adulthood while pursuing education. But in most senses it has been negative. Adolescence has not become a healthy transition to adulthood over the years; it has become a prolonged childhood. To be a man means to take on responsibility, and not just feed and water the dog responsibility. It means getting a job, working hard, pursuing excellence in all things, maturing relationally, solving problems, honoring and respecting others, loving well, pushing your limits, doing hard things. We need to be challenged as men. We need to be called to a standard. In this breakout, J.B. will give biblical teaching on what it means to be a man, calling all the young men at Impact to grow up, rejecting the modern notion of adolescence for the biblical teaching of manhood.

Redeeming Identity--Girls Only Mandatory Breakout--Heather Hughes

The world and sinful flesh are constantly pushing an identity on young ladies in our culture. The world wants them to find their identity in how they look, their body image, their relationships, their status. But when Jesus saves them, he gives them a new identity. To be in Christ, is to find their identity in Him, not in the competing desires all around them. Jesus has bought them with his blood. He has made them his own. He loves them and cares for them more than anyone or anything in this world. In this breakout, Heather will present biblical teaching on finding one’s identity in Christ so that young ladies capture a glimpse of the breadth and length and height and depth of Christ’s love for them, and as a result, give their lives to him fully.