IMPACT is a 3-day student conference focused on biblical teaching and building community.

During the weekend participants will gather for preaching, worship, breakouts, and fun.  Students will eat together, play together, and stay the night in host homes throughout the city together. Students must be 6th-12th grade to participate. The cost of the event is $65 per student. There is a discount for families with multiple students. $65–1st student, $50-2nd student, $35-3rd and remaining students in the family. If you have any questions, please contact Brendon Scoggin at

IMPACT 2020 | February 7-February 9

2020 Theme: Exiles

What does it look like to be a Christian in our rapidly changing world? The secular, sexual, and digital revolutions have left many believers asking this question. Christians must quickly come to grips with the fact that we no longer live in a culture that values a christian lifestyle. For evidence of this reality, look no further than ballgames on Sundays, the copious amount of sexual material and philosophy floating around in the public square, and the powerful distraction of technology to desensitize the conscience, isolate us from community, and sell a bill of goods regarding the good life through visual marketing.

Western culture was once dominated by the christian worldview. Living in the United States was akin to being a Jew living in ancient Israel. Being a christian and living a christian lifestyle was the expectation. But now, the christian way has been sacked by secularism and our culture has sold out. Christianity is no longer the social norm; it is the exception. We are no longer Jews in Jerusalem. We have been exiled to Babylon. This is nothing new for God’s people, but it does require us to consider what a faithful Christian life looks like in a secular, godless culture.

We are exiles, and though we may not feel that in fullness now, it will be upon us in Canyon, TX before we know it. Living as exiles requires a different mentality than living as one of the majority culture. We have to be different. We have to be radical. We have to be weird. We have to be counter-cultural.

Join us at this exciting weekend conference to consider what it looks like for you or your student to live faithfully as EXILES.

Guest Leaders

Kent Carroll

Kent Carroll

Impact Conference Speaker

Kent is the Director of College Ministry at Redeemer Lubbock. 


Hank Howard with Redeemer Lubbock Worship

Hank Howard with Redeemer Lubbock Worship

Impact Conference Worship Leader

Hank is a worship associate at Redeemer Lubbock.

IMPACT Schedule


6:30pm–IMPACT Registration and Kickoff (Parents must be present to sign medical release form in front of notary)


6:30pm–Check-in at FBC Canyon “Office” Entrance Door (Eat dinner before arrival)

7:30pm–Session 1

9:00pm–Depart for Host Homes

10:00pm–Small Group Time in Host Homes

Midnight–Lights Out


7:00am–Breakfast in Host Home

8:00am–Personal Devotion in Host Home

8:45am–Depart from Host Home to FBC Canyon Worship Center

9:30am–Session 2

11:00am–Breakout 1

12:00pm–Lunch in the Cave

1:00pm–Growth Groups Gathering


4:00pm–Breakout 3 (Guys Only Breakout OR Girls Only Breakout) (Breakout for Parents)

5:30pm–Dinner in Ministry Center

6:30pm–Session 3

8:00pm–Prayer Walkthrough Experience in CAVE.

10:00pm–Depart for Host Homes

11:00pm–Lights Out



7:30am–Personal Devotions in Host Homes

8:30am–Depart from Host Homes

9:00am–Breakfast in Ministry Center

10:30am–Session 4

12:00pm–Students Go Home!