Do you want to go deeper in your faith?

Do you want to know learn more about God?

Do you want to grow in spiritual life?

Do you want to serve others here and around the world?

Do you want to make an impact around the world?

Do you want to go on an international mission trip next summer?

If so, you should consider CORE.

What is CORE?

CORE is our “gospel leadership development” program. It is designed for students who want to go deeper in their faith and learn how to make impact in the world. CORE will be a year long program which meets twice a month on Wednesday nights after our normal service from 7:45 – 8:45.  All students who are a part of CORE will be eligible to go on an international mission trip next summer.  Only students who are a part of CORE will be able to go on this trip. This is not to be exclusive but to make sure students are properly trained and living on mission here before we send them as representatives of our student ministry, our church, and most importantly Jesus.


There is a discipleship crisis going on with teenagers in the church across America today.  Recently a study found that 88% of young people growing up in Southern Baptist churches walk away from their faith. Another study suggests that over 61% of teenagers who attend church will no longer attend church after they leave the home. Lifeway conducted a study that says 70% of young abandon their faith as an adult.  Regardless of which statistic is most accurate, they all pay a picture that there is a discipleship crisis going on. This is the reason for CORE. We want to step into that gap and help students develop a faith that lasts and to develop gospel leadership skills to impact the world.

What are the expectations of CORE?

By committing to joining CORE a student is committing to modeling the three core principles.


Gospel leadership begins with knowing what the gospel is and how it impacts all of life.  Therefore we expect all members of CORE to attend our student ministry activities (Sunday School, Discipleship Group, & Wednesday Night worship) consistently.  We also expect them to attend the worship service on Sunday mornings.  We all know that no

one can be there every time. By consistently, I would expect somewhere around 75% of the time.  If a student is unwilling to commit to this, he or she should not join CORE. Maybe this isn’t the right time for him or her. 


Gospel leadership begins with learning but it does not stop there. We expect our students to be committed to spiritual disciplines in their daily lives.  This includes but not limited to Bible reading & prayer. CORE is designed to help students grow in this daily habits and become more disciplined in a way that will last way beyond High School.


Gospel leadership always leads to serving others.  We expect each of our students to be serving in our student ministry.  We will help them discern their gifts and find a way they can serve their peers. This is essential to the mission trip we will go on in the summer.  If you are unwilling to serve those around you, why should you fly 5,000 miles to serve people?

Who can join CORE?

Any student who is in the 8th-12th grade and is willing to commit to the expectations of CORE.

What are the benefits of CORE?

    • Gain a great knowledge of God and His Word
    • Develop spiritual disciplines that lasts
    • Develop a heart for serving others
    • Develop Gospel Leadership skills
    • Have the opportunity to go on an international mission trip.
    • Impact the world

How do I sign up?

Sign up online at or attend our first meeting at 7:45 on September 14.