Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are designed for students to customize their weekend.   They provide an opportunity for students to be in smaller groups learning about topics that interest them.  We believe that these sessions play an essential role in a student’s ability to learn, think, and grow in their faith. These sessions are taught by leaders in our church who love students and want to see their faith flourish.

How to Share My Faith

Sharing what you believe can be hard.  In this session you will learn how better to share with your friends about the most important questions in our world.

Developing a Quiet Time

Let’s be honest.  This is one of the hardest struggles we face.  There seems to be no time. It seems to hard. It seems like you don’t get anything out of it.  However, in this session you will learn the importance of personal bible study, journalling, and prayer.

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

I know. The Bible can be very hard to read sometimes.  It’s a really long book about a lot of people who lived long ago.  Sometimes it seems impossible to understand.  God has provided all believers with the same Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible to help us understand the Bible.  In this session you will get an overview of the Bible and how to get the most out of reading it.

Live Like a Narnian: Disciple Lessons in Lewis’ Chronicles

If you love The Chronicles of Narnia, sign up and let’s journey into the wardrobe together.

World Religions: What Makes Christianity Different?

What do Buddhists believe? Why Do Muslims believe in Jihad?  How many gods to Hindus have?  These are very important questions to ask and to begin thinking through.  The most important questions is “What Makes Christianity Different?”

Tough Questions: Answering the Most Difficult Questions of our Day

This session is a free-for-all of the most controversial topics of our time.  From same-sex marriage to politics this session will deal with some of the most challenging questions that students today are facing.

Liar, Lunatic, Lord: Is Jesus Really Who He Says Is?

The most important question that anyone can ever answer is the question of “Is Jesus Who He Says He Is?” C.S. Lewis wrote that there are only three options—Liar, Lunatic, or Lord.  Sign up for this class to further look at the evidence to see if Jesus really is who He says He is.

Apologetics 101: Learning How to Defend the Faith

Ever get to a discussion with a non-believer become frustrated because you don’t have the answer or don’t know how to direct the conversation toward Christ?  Me too.  This session is designed to help students begin to think through some of the major apologetic issues of our day.

Engaging Pop Culture: Thinking about Movies, TV, & Books in Light of the Gospel

Do you love to binge watch tv on NETFLIX?  Dumb question. Of Course.  There is great power in story.  This session is designed to help students to think critically about the stories they watch and read in light of the Story God is telling in the world.